LFE is constantly reviewing new products that are being rolled out and is careful to make recommendations until we have thoroughly evaluated the products, price and the company customer service. Our goal is find great payback LED solutions that work for your project. Here are a few examples.


RemPhosLight Efficient Design

Light Efficient Design & RemPhos Join Forces! Since 2008, Light Efficient Design has combined design sensibility with innovative technology advancements to become the premier source for energy-smart LED retrofit solutions. As pioneers in the ever-advancing LED industry we leverage inventive technologies and a full portfolio of BAA products.  Our commitment to innovation sets us apart and provides unique LED retrofit solutions for the marketplace. Learn more.


SoleraSolera Solar Lighting

Light Efficient Design developed Solera Solar Lighting
to be the new standard for solar light performance. Their solar LED commercial all-in-one fixtures featuring off-grid and hybrid technologies. Its unique all-in-one design is easy-to-install, adjustable and produces bright lighting where you want it.
Learn more.



LumiCleanse specialized in germicidal disinfection lighting fixtures with UV-C light technology. They significantly reducs the presence of surface and airborne pathogens while effectively eliminating bacteria, mold/fungi, viruses and allergens. And they're designed with saftey in mind. Learn more.



IKIO is a leading US-based LED Lighting manufacturer of Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family Residential / Hospitality, Hazardous Location and Solar Outdoor Lighting applications. With a wide range of sustainable products, IKIO delivers the right solutions and value for your LED Lighting requirements because of our innovative approach and vertically integrated infrastructure. Learn more.


LSILSI Industries

LSI's commercial lighting group consists of high-performance, American-made lighting products and control systems. The Company’s strength in outdoor lighting applications coupled with an extensive portfolio of indoor lighting products creates opportunities for LSI to introduce a variety of solutions to our valued customers. Learn more



Specializing in ultra-long-life LED lighting solutions, US LED products can be found in a wide range of applications: auto dealerships, retail, educational facilities, offices, healthcare facilities, warehouses, manufacturing, and many more. Most US LED products are backed by an industry leading 10-year warranty. Learn more.


Linmore LED HighBayLinmore LED HBR High-Bay Retrofit

Our feature product from Linmore is the unique HBR High-Bay Retrofit system. This is a solution to consider as an option to replacement of linear fluorescent highbays. The HBR comes standard with a 10-year warranty.  Learn more.



Established in 1985, Eco-Revolution is part of the QSSI family of companies, with tenure and proven stability that sets us apart from other suppliers. We are a true manufacturer from raw materials and component parts, which allows us to be in total control of the product specifications and quality we produce. We offer warranty-worthy products with proper thermal management, balanced LED boards to match power supplies, environmentally sealed optics with tested performance, and full safety compliance testing. Learn more.


RCA LightingRCA Lighting LED Troffers

RCA Commercial Electronics is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of new, energy-efficient LED lighting products. With a history of innovations, our LED lighting system has been a leading lighting solution for many industries and businesses. Learn more.


LITETRONICSLitetronics LED RetroFit

RetroFit It, and Forget It! Litetronics LED RetroFit is the first fluorescent troffer retrofit solution designed for quick and easy installation. Powerful, rare earth magnets secure the retrofit to the existing housing, allowing for hands-free installation. In less than the time needed to change a ballast, you can convert your existing fixture into energy-saving LED that lasts up to 20 years. Leave it to Litetronics to create the easiest way to convert to energy-saving LED; protecting the environment and lowering your operating costs for years to come. Learn more.


ArcadiaArcadia Lighting

The Arcadia Team combines veteran expertise from the LED lighting and energy sectors to provide a unique and revolutionary approach to wholesale lighting manufacturing. Our cloud-based project management platform and focus on product quality and support allow our customers and partners to deliver direct value to the lighting projects they support. Learn more.


ESIEnergy Solutions LED Fixtures & Retrofits

Energy Solutions International (ESI) is a manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient LED, Fluorescent and Plasma based lighting fixtures and retrofit kits. Since 1992, ESI has been developing creative lighting solutions utilizing quality components from suppliers such as OSRAM Sylvania, GE, Advance and Philips for our retail, industrial and commercial customers. Based in West St. Paul, MN, we truly provide 'Made in the USA' products. Learn more.



LumenFocus is a manufacturer of highly efficient LED luminaires. LF offers a wide array of luminaire types, each with a variety of lumen packages and options, which enables LF to offer very comprehensive energy avoidance lighting packages for all types of projects. LF engineered-to-order retrofit and new luminaire capabilities allows them to offer solutions tailored to ESCO project needs. Learn more.


flex Lusio high bayFlex LED High/Low Bay

Flex was acquired by Linmore LED in 2019.  All flex products are available from Linmore. Learn more.







1000W HID Replacement with LED at the Rhode Island Convention Center

Finally, a true 1000W HID replacement with LED! We’ve all heard the claims but only FLEXTRONICS can deliver a true lumen for lumen equal to a new 1000W MH. Don’t believe it, visit the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence RI. Learn more.

RemPhos Parking Garage LED solution

RemPhos Retrofit solution meets the payback challenge for this parking garage DOWNLOAD

Lusio LED solution at the Maine Hockey Arena

High lumen output Lusio Essentials Bay Series fixtures deliver 75 footcandles over the ice in this state-of-the-art arena DOWNLOAD

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LightEfficientDesignRemPhos Technologies

RemPhos Technologies is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of solid state lighting. Learn more.

flexFlex Lighting Solutions

Flex Lighting Solutions are engineered to meet most commercial and industrial lighting requirements while helping reduce energy bills and facility maintenance costs. Go to Flex Lighting Solutions website.


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